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Title Improvement of Protection Systems
Date 2016-03-19 Hits 1657
Contents ■ Strengthening of Systems such as the Operation of the Governmentwide Taskforce for Personal Information Protection Following the massive personal information leakage by credit card companies in January 2014 and an order of the Prime Minister (at the January 26, 2014 ministerial meeting), the Ministry of the Interior established the Government-wide Taskforce for Personal Information Protection to investigate the current state of personal information protection in public agencies. The Taskforce operated from February to June 2014 under the cooperation of related ministries, and examined and investigated personal information management practices in the public sector, improved legislation and systems, and announced comprehensive measures for personal information protection with related ministries (Jul. 31, 2014).

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior supported the development of a system to continuously manage personal information protection by urging the central Government and local governments to have at least one staff member dedicated to personal information protection including planning, inspection and management.

Furthermore, the Ministry of the Interior made the Personal Inofrmation Protection Joint Investigation Team, a permanent personal information protection department. The Ministry of the Interior expanded the functions of the Team to include the prevention and control of personal information infringement, joint investigations, follow-up technical support, and remediation. The Joint Investigation team targets organizations that have high risks of personal information infringements in the public, financial, medical, and telecommunications sectors.

■ Establishment and Operation of Cooperation Structure with Related Organizations

The Consultative Group for Nationwide Campaign was established by the PIPC; the Korea Communications Commission; the Ministry of the Interior; the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning; Financial Service Commission; Joint investigation of Prosecution and Police; Korea Information Society Agency; and the Korea internet & Security Agency. Since September 2014, the Consultative Group for Nationwide Campaign has promoted the Personal Information Clean-up Campaign to deal with illegal personal information, such as resident registration numbers, neglected information, excessive information collection, and extorted information. The Korea Communications Commission was responsible for the operation of the Illegal Personal Information Report Center and Support Team for Deletion of Information on the internet.

The operation of the Illegal Personal Information Report Center and volunteer team for personal information protection resulted in the reporting of 2,428 cases of illegal personal information handling practices, and the Support Team for Deletion of Information deleted 40,428 illegal personal information or posts.

In addition, various promotional activities were conducted to raise the awareness of the public, including a contest to decide the official name and slogan of the campaign, an online event, a meeting with businesses, and subway advertisements. A campaign website was launched to provide an overview of the campaign, and to promote online events, such as photo-toon and quiz. As a result, a total of 216,016 users visited the website.

Promotion posters and handouts for the Personal Information Clean-up Campaign were also produced and distributed to each agency to encourage public participation in the campaign. Thirty-four agencies, organizations and businesses distributed 242,000 copies of the promotion material.

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