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PIPC`s Activities


NO. Title Date Hits
8 Notice of participation and cessation for CPEA of the Republic of Korea CBPR-CrossBorderPrivacyEnforcement.pdf 2020-11-10 1398
7 The Self-governing police agency in Jeju special self-governing province's request 2020-07-24 1075
6 Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service's request 2020-07-24 999
5 Personal Information Protection Commission recommends removing unnecessary personal information from 230 civil service form 2020-07-22 795
4 The Citizen Reporters are running to publicize the personal information policy 2020-07-20 755
3 The PIPC's recommendation to the Ministry of Justice on minimising privacy infringement resulting from the publication of the information about those who have acquired/lost Korean nationality 2018-12-28 2029
2 Publication of the “Third Basic Plan for Personal Information Protection” by Personal Information Protection Commission 2017-01-24 1908
1 Personal Information Protection Commission, expressed concern over Google's violation of personal information protection policy 2012-12-24 12839