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Title The PIPC strengthen communication with the private sector to reform its system
Date 2020-08-21 Hits 1944

The Personal Information Protection Commission, which will be launched in August, will strengthen communication with the private sector to reform its system.
- Gathering opinion from the private sector for direction setting in policy and governance of the integrated commission -
- Institutional Innovation Advisory Group, which has completed phase 1, will be operated expansively after its launch -

In order to reform the system of personal information protection, the 'Institutional Innovation Advisory Group(IIAG)' wrapped up its five-month activities.


The Personal Information Protection Commission(PIPC) is continuing its active communication with the private sector to reform the system in the field of personal information protection before launching the integrated commission (August 5th, 2020).

In order to achieve the task of protecting and utilizing personal information in the digital era, the PIPC includes the voice of different external stakeholder groups in the policy as a personal information control tower in the future.

<Activate the advisory functions of civilian experts>

As part of this effort, the PIPC held a general meeting of the IIAG at the Seoul Government Complex on Wednesday, July 22nd to strengthen its commitment to public-private communication and cooperation. About 40 advisors, including acting chairperson of PIPC, Kim Il-jae, attended a plenary session to share the results of discussion and policy suggestions from each division, completing the five-month advisory group's activities in the first phase.

The IIAG was launched in March and held a total of 30 meetings in six sub-divisions and discussed a broad range of policy tasks in the medium to long-term as well as practical matters related to preparations for the launch of the integrated commission. The advisors emphasized the importance of strengthening voluntary protection activities of the private sector, readjusting special regulations for information and communication service providers under the Personal Information Protection Act(PIPA), preparing post-corona countermeasures, including the proper processing of the personal information collected during pandemic.

In addition, suggestions were made on the need for the introduction of a Korean-style data transfer mechanism, the operation of help-desk to support compliance with the PIPA on industrial sites such as small and medium-sized enterprises, the efficient promotion of personal information protection policies. After the launch of the integrated commission, the advisory group will be expanded to about 100 people to further strengthen the gathering of opinions in various fields.

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