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Title Find the answer of protecting personal information in the industrial site with self-protection
Date 2020-10-06 Hits 2651

Find the answer of protecting personal information in the industrial site with self-protection

- Establish comprehensive support measures such as the establishment of self-protection governance and incentives.

□ There will be meetings to gather a wide range of public opinion in order to ensure self-protection of personal information in industrial sites that deal with personal information, such as online shopping, medical, and private institutes.

Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC, Chairman Yoon Jong In) will conduct a virtual conference to collect on-site opinions on the establishment and support of the self-protection governance system for personal information both online and offline.

  ○ Collecting opinions on the existing self-protection system in line with the launch of the integrated PIPC will help prepare a field-oriented policy direction. And the video conference will be conducted twice in Sep. 23 & 24.

Self-protection of personal information is an essential foundation for data economy based on digital trust. The Ministry of Interior and Safety(MoIS) and the Korea Communications Commission(KCC) have been working on the self-protection of personal information of public and offline respectively.

  ○ The MoIS has covered 14 organizations(256,355 companies) in the offline field of travel, real estate, education, medicine, etc. since 2016. The KCC has been working on 5 organizations (52,420 companies) of online telecommunications, shopping, and broadcasting since 2017.

  ○ Self-protection policies were introduced in Personal Protection Information Act in 2016 and have been applied to large-scale major associations so far. However, the separate operation between online and offline in the early stage, the lower participation rate from small businesses and startups has resulted in a lack of effectiveness of practical policies.

  ○ However, non-face-to-face services are common in all areas due to the COVID 19, the connection between offline and offline is getting stronger at industrial sites. And it is becoming more important to create synergistic effects through the integration of the personal information self-protection system.

□ As a result, the integrated PIPC will unify the existing self-regulatory organizations and come up with comprehensive support measures, such as establishing the self-protection association and expert support system, and expanding the incentives, such as rewards or fine reduction, etc..
  ○ PIPC will gather opinions from self-regulatory organizations who perform self-protection, and prepare site-oriented improvement measures within the year.

□ Kang Yoo-min, the director-general of the personal information policy bureau at PIPC, said "In the era of data economy and digital transformation, in order to gain trust in the protection of the people's personal information, the self-protection should be established in all areas in our daily lives." and he added,
  ○ “I will listen to the voices from the sites and make sure that the self-protection system is established and it can help companies and people."

- Publication date September 23

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