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Title Keep your personal information preciously from your childhood
Date 2020-10-26 Hits 2562

Keep your personal information preciously from your childhood”
- PIPC, 2020 Privacy Campaign (from Oct. 7 to Dec. 2) -
- Exercise your privacy right in everyday life and practice to protect your personal information -

Amid the promotion of digitalization due to the Covid-19 crisis, a practice culture campaign is launched to actively manage and protect one's personal information in everyday life.

□ The Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC, Chairman Yoon Jong In) and the Korea Internet & Security Agency will hold an eight-week
Campaign to promote personal information from Oct. 7 to Dec. 2 under the theme "In On-tact era! How to protect your personal information"
*On-tack stands for “Online” and “Non-tact”

○ The campaign has been carried out by the Korea Comunications Commission since 2010 as a
Internet Privacy Campaign and it will be held under a new name, theme, and method following the launch of the integrated PIPC this year.

○ In particular, this year, it will support children, teenagers, and the disabled, who are considered vulnerable to digital technologies, while it has been focusing almost exclusively on achieving the original purpose of "improving awareness of privacy" so far.

□ The main content of the campaign is as follows.

○ First of all, 'D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself) campaign' will be conducted, in which the public engages directly from the decision-making stage of the campaign.

- In the dec
ision-making session, people can vote for campaign slogans or events.
- People can learn the rules for protecting personal information in everyday life by participating in events selected by themselves.
* Utilizes public participation channels such as 'Gwanghwamun 1st Street' and 'Personal Information Protection Portal (www.privacy.go.kr)'

○ Second, 'Children and Teenagers', the data subject of the future generation, will be highlighted under a special theme.
- Personal information protection education contents (singing, dancing, videos, and games), which the Green Umbrella's Foundation collaborates with, will be developed and distributed for children and teenagers.
- In addition to children and teenagers, various online events are organized for parents to participate.

○ Lastly, the campaign will guide you through various privacy rules in 'online life' to prepare for the post-Covid-19 era.

- As new ways of life, such as remote classes and remote work, are spreading amid Covid-19, various online events will guide the privacy rules and best practices for cases.

□ Park Sang Hee, Secretary-General of the PIPC, said, "W hope that this campaign will establish a culture that people protect and manage their personal information on their own, we will strengthen education and publicity so that people can internalize their privacy sensitivity to protection personal information, especially from childhood or adolescence."

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